Saturday, November 1, 2014

Neon Cake in Jar

Neon cake in jar! Any types of desserts in jar was so in at that time hahahha
Its been too long I havent update the blog, so many to upload :O

Front view. Pink, green & yellow! Happy colours :)

Side view

Top view

With the lids off


Side view with no lids

Zoom in 

#22nd May 2013

Pink & blue chocopuff

Pink & blue chocopuff :)

Top view

Box 1

Box 2

Left view

Right view

Closed up

Front view

#12 May 2013

Dark, pink & yellow chocopuff

Dark, pink & yellow chocopuff :)
Tak igt siapa order! Sorry :(

Dark, pink & yellow :)

Zoom in 

Left zoom in

Front view

Right view

#12th May 2013

Leopard neon cake

A birthday cake for my leopard girl, Ely :)
It was for her 24's birthday, we're turning 26 in few months haha, how late is that!
Happy belated syg :)

These are the props I made for her special day 

Leopard :3

The leopard fondant & bunting 

Side view

Leopard neon cake!

The details

Side view

Back view

Top view 

#11 May 2013


Chocopuff ordered by Aqila's sis, tq kak Ain :)

Feedback :
Thanks kak :)

#12th May 2013

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Adventure time cake

Adventure time cake! Made it back in 5th May 2013 haha

The favourites in Adventure Time! :)


Flame princess

Super blur BMO haha, I should have adjust the focus :(

And blur Finn as well haha

Princess bubblegum, my favvv :)

The peppermint butler

Bonbon :p haha

Chillin by the pool, lol

Chilllinnn some more

Right view

Top view of the cake! :) Happy colours 

#5th May 2013