Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Well, have you always hated if some peeps don't respect you?
We hate it a lot, like seriously a lot.
Its not like we wanted to be rude or selfish and all, but stealing other's design and making em as if you create em without notifying the owner and just cilok even tho its stated 'please dont copy yada yada' just wont do.
We have seen a few of them, we were just playing cool, but maybe not this time? Sorry we just cant stand it anymore

Lets share, I love to share don't I? 

First : Damask

 Reconize this? How can you not right? I created the damask

Second : Bunny love

How about this one? Of course, how can? Anyone could see that. Ive created this, plus the bunny face called 'bunny love' is STF trademark, no?

Third: Sbob n pat

The same look of bob and pat. The so called owner also likes gary the snail like me eventho she didnt make one, how sweet :)
** "They're funnyyyy and cute too, aite? (^_^)
But my favourite character is Gary the snail. Meow meow =D"

Forth : Rainbow

I did this for my sister's b'day

Fifth : Coloured domokun

Colourful domokun

I was inspired by my iphone casing

To the 'owner' of these designs, we hope that you understand how we felt about this. An apology would be nice :) We would be very happy to remove this post, as soon as you delete your posts using our designs.
I know that Im not 'someone' to just make a big deal out of it, but it hurts. 
We hope that this wouldn't happen again.


  1. memang hati sakit la kalau tiru someone's design and claimed dorang yg create or dorang tak mention siapa punya design.

    maybe boleh message 'owner' tu and tell her the truth?

    but hey, be positive.
    u buat lagi cantik dan kemas...
    no worries k.. ;)

  2. Texted her. Thank you so much for showing your support dear :)

  3. btw, do u get any reply/explaination from her yet?

  4. Nope, nothing from her yet.. Hmm