Wednesday, November 25, 2009


STF @ IGNITE FEST on this coming NOV 28th & 29th 2009! The loudest independence music festival in the east cost region since 2007! Awesome featuring local bands & GHOST TOWN - Brutal Metal/Hardcore band from Australia will join Ignite Fest on Sunday slot (Nov 29). We will be there as DEAD EYES GLOW official cupcakes sponsor! *yeay to the sugarr*Lets get hardcore & let the death cupcakes collection by Spread The Frost cupcakes rock your world! Must attend event for every metal heads! :DDD

It will be held at DEWAN TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN at KUALA TERENGGANU. The event will start around 0430 PM for both of the days. Map above is the official IGNITE FEST map as a clear guide to the hall (pls refer to IGNITE FEST official Myspace page for a better view). An event with tons of Malaysian rockers featuring super awesome band from Australia - Ghost Town! Be there metalheads! 

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