Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saya Kasih Mak

These babies were ordered for the same purpose, for dearest mummy.
My friend ordered small sized oreo cupcakes.

Saya Kasih Mak - These adorable babies are perfect to shouw ur love to your mummy! ;) Its written - Saya Sayang Mak, Saya Kasih Mak, Saya Rindu Mak & Saya Cinta Mak. How adorable is that? ;) 

You can definitely tell me what u desire to write ;)

Pretty combination of soft pink, shocking yellow & pearl white. 

Happy Birthday Emak ku! 


  1. shedap sgt...kami sume suke!! tq alia~

  2. Kakak, saye baru perasan ur comment haha :p Dah 2 tahun dah. Thanks kak! :))