Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paper Clip

Cute paper clips!

Star Wars 
*rotate clockwise*
1. Jr. Bloob
2. Pink Cloud
3. Ms. Bloob
4. Yellow alien
5. Carl's Jr.
6. Pink jellyfish 

Jungle Book 
*rotate clockwise*
1. Mr Hippo
2. Ms. Cow
3. Mr. Lion
4. Ms. Tiger
5. Ms. Zebra
6. Mr. Frog

Pleasant Dreams
*Top from left to right*
1. Dream duck
2. Three eyed alien
3. Alien lady bug
*Bottom from left to right*
1. One eyed alien 
2. Pillow talk
3. Blue moon

Johnny's Farm
*Rotate Clockwise*
1. Sunflower
2.Mr. lady bug
3. Red chicken
4. Apple tree
5. Mr. Snail
6. Yellow chick 

They are super cute! :DDDDDD

Rm 1 = 1pc
Rm2 = 3pcs

Murah? STF tak ley baik lagi ke? Hahaha :pp
Get urs now!

*Again, sorry for the super bad quality pictures! I need need need a camera! :(*

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