Monday, April 18, 2011

Angry Birds

Made these birds for my brother. Was thinking to make him an airplane made out of creampuffs since he's a pilot, but then he wouldn't be able to eat any cake for a long time after his jaw surgery. So yeah, here it is, angry birds cake! 

The red birds

 From top

Butt butt :3

The angry birds! Grrrrr! *and the green oik oik*

It was super hard to do this black bird, esp the pointy hair!

 White egged-bird

 Cute pointy hair :D

The green pigs! Oik oik oik. My dad was really mad at me for making these piggies, oh well, dah buat dah pun :p

The piggy king *oik oik oik* The crown was super hard okay!!

 The triangled yellow birds

Cute pointy hair again :D Their hair looked like pineapples :p

Butt butt

Blue tiny birds

Cute hair again :D

Let the battle begins! :DDD

 I made devil's food (full flavour chocolate) cake coating with chocolate ganache. Nyummmmmmmmmm!


 The enemy!

The good guys, I mean the good birds! Haha

Happy birthday Afiq Mohamaad! :)
Semoga Allah panjang kan lagi umur & murah kan lagi rezeki.


  1. so wonderfull creampuff :) i loikee...

  2. berape kalau nk beli angry birds nk burung je n nk semua dgn crown pls..

  3. Sorry for the late reply, ive just realized ur comment :/
    Depends how many do u want it dear? Nak 1 for each character or nak byk2? Email me at