Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bee Cakelet and mini cupcakes

 Bee theme again for my bff's b'day haha :p *jangan marah bee*
Did these few weeks ago actually, didn't have the time to upload it, again T____T

They are small as Malaysian 10 sen :3 

Bzz bzz bzzzz~~ 

Introduce our new range of cupcakes, mini cupcakes ;) 
Only applicable for simple designs 

 So small, I just love small desserts 

Spring theme for the cute bees

My first cakelet! Small bee hive with small bees and super small spring cupcakes <3

From top

From back, look at the hiding bee :p

Feel the spring? :p

My first cakelet, even smaller than the english tea cup :D

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