Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Another rainbow cake! Baked it for my ex classmate :)

I layered it with cream cheese this time *requested*

Since the cream cheese frosting was super soft and slippery, I have to make it stand still with 4 sticks inside to hold em. Zzzz

This 6inch square rainbow cake is 2.260kg!

I trimmed the sides of the cake to make the layers in the same size

Then somehow I came up with an idea of matching the suitable colours as other options :D

Blue + Green + Yellow                                Purple + Red + Pink

   Pink + Red + Yellow                                Orange + Blue + Yellow

Blue + Green

           Pink + Orange + Yellow                                        Pink + Red


Then the rainbow cake itself -

A Skittles rainbow cake! :D

Mind the cream, it was super difficult for me to smooth em as the cream cheese frosting was terribly soft! 

The birthday girl loves it, Alhamdulillah :))

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