Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bunny Jungle

Ive made bunny love fondants with varieties of sad faces! Ehehhehehehe :3
My cousin ordered for her boss thats leaving for another job

Uwaaaaa :'((

Sexy back :3

The Noooooo!

The I-am-so-gonna-miss-you-so-much

The this-is-just-sad

The I-dont-wanna-cry-face

The I-see-you-again

The when-will-we-see-each-other-again

The complete friends :3

The bees and the goodbye wishes :)

Made the mushrooms by my own, for the first time. Hihi. It was tiring to do the dots :/

Another rainbow cake! This one is 9 inch rainbow cake! 4kg okayyyy! Hahaha, and its the first time I made the actual rainbow colours, I add in the dark blue and took out the pink! Looks awesome indeed. 

The bunny garden cake! Tadaa

Topped the cake with chocolate ganache :3 nyummm

Look at the flying bees! Bzzzzz

Cheer up bunnies :3 ehehhe

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