Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cut the rope

Ive made cut the rope cake, but a small one :))

Only two layers of cake, I sandwich em with green Italian Swiss Meringue. It looks like salad sandwich :D

Vanilla cake 

Mini Om Nom, its only 6cm tall! Yes yes, I have small fingers T_T and I accidentally made big pupils, so its like, hyper om nom? ahaaahaha

This is the first attempt of the candy, the customer confirm the cake with me at the very last minute, I was so tired that I couldnt even make it properly hahaha. Yeah I know, its super ugly :((

2 layers of vanilla Cut The Rope cake, this time Mr. Spidey is casing the candy ehehhe

There was no space for Mr. Spidey n candy, but my customer, Stanley wanted all the characters, so I cincai lah haha. Good thing it fits ngamngam. Fuh~

Mr. Spidey and his too much hands :p

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