Thursday, February 23, 2012

Penguin Love

Another penguin couple and another small rainbow cake :)
Ordered by a customer for her first anniversary with partner
This cake was inspired by this cake *click*

Gold pearl and veil. I chose gold as it compliments the cake

Pink roses at the front. Its super difficult to make the mini roses o_O

The handsome groom haha. Ive made different details this time

Dialogue blocks

My signature damask :)))

The side

The rainbow cake is a little bit smaller than my phone, yes yes, I have a phone haha :( any donation? 
This cake is not recommended tho, its too thin as its only 500g with 7 layers of em. Would advice to order at least 4 layers, so it'll be a little bit thick. Unless, if you dont mind of the taste and would prefer for the colourful layers instead 

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