Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Celcom Cupcake Challenge

Hello Malaysia! :3

Celcom Malaysia made a big cupcake event/contest for the local a month ago! Someone/company/group finally made a big new step in  Malaysia. Wow :D  
The ones interested to participate are required to make a cupcake with merdeka/1Malaysia theme on a 2.5 oz cupcake! Haha. Everyone has to upload their pictures at the Celcom Cupcake Challenge app via Facebook. 

The Celcom Cupcake Challenge in FB

I was one of the early participants *tak sabar! hahaha*. Mine is the last one on the 10th page, Alia Mohamaad, now everyone knows the STF tauke's name haha. A week later there were around 79 pages!

When clicking on the picture, it will automatically enlarged. I've received 175 likes! Never thought I could get that much, terima kasih semua :*

Even though I've received quite a lot/many/enough 'likes' since I'm one of the early ones who uploaded the cupcake picture, some people decided to cheat by buying likes and created lots of FB accounts :( Many of us who deserve the position to be in the top 55 didn't get our chance :'( oh well. But of course, there are a few that I think have done splendid job! Hooray! :D 

here are the lists of the top 55

Some of the participants just stick a Malaysian flag on the cupcakes/muffins hahahahahahah.
Fo real yo??

The winners cupcakes! Congrats guys :))

1st winner - Chef Vincent Liew
1 Samsung Galaxy SIII and Rm10,000!

2nd winner - Juneci Siong
1 Samsung Galaxy SIII and Rm5,000!

3rd winner - Mac Leong
1 Samsung Galaxy SIII and Rm2,000!

These are some other contestants' cupcakes, took the pictures from others' blogs, tq allcupcakestory, kak/aunty ita and benjamin :)

Pictures credit to owners

Pictures credit to the owner

personally think that some of them should actually be the winner ;) 
The other 53 participants received LG Prada 3.0 :)
Because of the overwhelming responds from the public and contestants, Celcom generously gave away another 45 units LG Prada to the top 100 and rm200 vouchers to everyone who participated in the contest! Baik gile haha. And lucky me, Alhamdulillah, I was in the top 100 :))

So then, lets talk about my cupcake pulak haha -

Everything on the cupcake are made by fondant and edible, yes, including the tiny flag, it was just as small as my thumb's nail (1.2cm), except the toothpicks lah haha. Yep, it took me hours to make them hehe. 
The cupcake - 
Monkey - symbol as one of the Malaysia's royal nature, shows how Malaysia can strongly connect to the Earth 
Hibiscus - Malaysia's official flower, shows the strength and authenticism of the Malaysian culture 
Bubble talk '55 Malaysia' - How strong Malaysia has became today
Malaysia flag - Malaysia's pride
1 Malaysia - The harmony of Malaysians from different races and religions, in a country ;}

And of course! The phone! Haha :p
Yes, I'm loving it! Thank you Celcom! :))

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