Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ignite Fest 2012

STF at Ignite Fest 2012 :)
Super late update! Busy sgt sampai lupa hahhahahaha

Super busy, penat gile :/

Mummy Chocopuff specially made for ignite fest :)

Awesome friends :D

Mess :/

Baby cupcakes :D


Ignite fest cake with band names on it :D The cake is super huge :O I deco the cake at the event! Mind the ugly drawing! Hahahhahaah


The cool Assemble The Empire - Australia and A Town In Fear - Singapore :D

Dead Eyes Glow and Assemble The Empire - Australia, getting ready to cut the cake \m/

Me, the girls and the Assemble The Empire - Australia :D

The padang and A Town In Fear - Singapore cutting the cake

Visit their FB Page! :

Dead Eyes Glow
Assemble The Empire
A Town In Fear
The Padangs

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