Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baby Girl Shower Cake

Baby girl shower cake! Ordered by my bff's bf's sister. Hahaha
TQ Kak Nur ;)))

Baby girl, duckies, name blocks, baby bottles, and bunny plush :)

Buttons at the sides :))

Something happen in Kak Nur's car, the cake collapsed! She told me it happen suddenly :(
I was really heart broken! I spend a lot of time on making this cake :((
Ive asked wtr her husband drove fast and she told me he did not. Ive have never heard or witness such case where the cake suddenly collapse, this is the very first time ever. 
Wanted to refund but she refuse to do so, and instead compliment how delicious is the cake and call me to let me know its ok. How sweet is that!?? 
Tqsm for the order kak nur and tqsm for being so nice to me :)) 


  1. Awww too bad, I know how it feels like. I always advise my customer to put the cake below the car seat as there were few incidents the cakes fall off when I put them on the seat. Maybe next time you should do the same thing too :)

    1. wah! hehe, never thought u would go through my blog hehe. Yea tq sis, will do! :))

  2. Yup, I like your page, and I admire your talent so slalu baca your blog ;) I even recommend a potential customer to order cake from you :D