Friday, May 17, 2013

Ultraman Cake

Ultraman Cake for the very first time! 
Ive been receiving lots of ultraman cake request, but I keep on changing the order by offering other designs. Why? Because I have no guts to make one hahahah!
Challenge accepted, so I tried to make one. The cake is 12 inch okay, it was so hard to draw the ultraman on such a huge cake as I couldn't lean/support my elbow on anything! Glup~

Sorry for the late update again guys! Its been such a crazy week at my university! :s

Ultraman! ウルトラマン :) 

Any asian child from any generation would definitely know this hero :) I think its everybody's favorite during my childhood!

Look! You can clearly see how huge is the cake when I place my LG Prada that's given by Celcom, at the side. 

I received a text from her the next day :)
Thank you so much for the order kak Aiza! And yup, its almost end of  May's 3rd week and the cake was in March ahahahaha. I need more timeeee, can anyone donate some time? Lol zzzz

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