Friday, May 24, 2013

Vegetable Garden and Animal Farm Cake

Vegetable Garden and Animal Farm Cake! :)
Ordered by my previous customer's brother, Encik Ainul. 
It was a bit odd that at first he wanted veggi garden themed cake for his baby boy's birthday, surprisingly it suits hehe.
This cake is inspired by the previous garden cake --> click here

Ive replaced the cabbages with corns :)

Eggplants, potatoes, corns, pumpkins and tomatoes

Wooden signboard 

Cute farm animals :) more like farm birds ehehehe

Duck chicken duck hahahaha

With giant fork! Giant fork? Nooo! I think it is called, Spade Fork? Haha entahh!

The Vegetable Garden and Animal Farm Cake! :D

Closer view

Potatoes overload! :O

White chicken

Yellow ducky! 

This time, the cake is 2kg! :)

Comment from the brother, Encik Ainul :)
TQSM for the order! ^^

And then his sister which is my previous customer, Dyana, texted me.
TQSM for recommending dear ;)

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