Monday, October 27, 2014

Pirate Treasure Map Cake

Pirate treasure map cake ordered by my regular customer's colleague, Kiki.
The cake was meant for her Boss, thanks Kiki dear :)

Top view of the fondant

Zoom in top view

The blondie mermaid :)

Top view

Sexy :p

Top view red octo

Those squiggly tentacles! Haha

The tiny boat, barrel & coconut trees

Volcano side view

The other side view


The treasure map

Slanting view 

Eye level view 

Right view

Left view

Back view

Blondie's back view

Top view of the pirate treasure map cake :) Rectangular 3kg devil's food cake

The treasure map

Front view

Left view

Right view

Octo view

Treasure view


Back view

Feedback from Kiki
Thanks Kiki dear :)

#26th April 2013

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