Thursday, January 26, 2017


Assalamualaikum & good evening friends/bloggers/viewers.
First of all, Happy New Year! 2017! I hope its not too late (tho its already the end of Jan 2017) :p

Its been more than a year since my last update haha!
I was checking my orders through this blog & I came to realize that I have not uploaded anything on 2016! Haha! Especially because we now have other kind of social medias that are a lot easier to get connected, rather than blogging. Teruknya I ni!!! :p

2015 & 2016 have been amazing with so many new experiences, I am now a married woman to an awesome husband who suddenly appeared in late Oct 2014 haha. Jodoh pulak. Nope, I din end up marrying the previous partner, we decided to head different paths, which was the best decision for both of us, dah tak serasi.

I got engaged (New year 2015) just a couple of months after meeting my now husband. We used to be friends in 2008 when I just graduated from high school and we became close when I started my Uni days and lost contact few years after. Who would ever thought he would come back after 8 years, with a big reason! haha. Alhamdulillah

I was engaged for the whole year of 2015, but I still bake a lot since I was home alone with my dad for almost a year. I din have the time to upload it here, but I managed to upload from Instagram instead, a lot quicker than blogging. My mom & sisters went to stay in the US, and unfortunately for me, I could not join them because of work. I visited them once, for a whole month during Eid 2015, IT WAS AWESOME!

I've been crazy busy last year as I was getting ready for my solemnization on Jan 2016, & wedding reception on late April 2016, and then my sister got engaged in Aug 2016 and then again, I moved out from parents' house in Nov, so tight up (excuses for not blogging :p). Ive been juggling my time with both of my husband's and my family, friends work and baking. So many things to do in so little time, thus, I dint get any time to blog, sorry :( 

Will upload more photos soon! Promise!
- lieyameow 

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