Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Best Mum!

These babies were ordered by one of my besties. This is a diff person, ehe. She ordered for her mum's 49th birthday.

She requested best mum badges for her mum, how sweet is that? ;)

Best Mum - These cupcakes are suitable for any loving mother as a thoughtful gift, esp during her birthday & mother's day! Doesnt ur mum deserve best mum award badges?

Closed up, the badges took my life once ;p These are small size cupcakes. Elegant colours for classy mothers - gold swirls with red flower fondant & LV logo with golden pearls. Toping - all made out of buttercream except for the red flower fondant.

Show ur mother some love, bet she'll appreciate it ;)))

These pictures were captured by my dear bestie. I hope these could give u some ideas how to prepare ur cupcakes for ur loved ones ;) *Pictures credit to Aida - thanks dear!*

Single b'day candle in the middle & when the ceiling lights are still on.

When the lights are off. Look how amazing the cupcakes are when she decorated em with those small candles. Outstanding colours! Why dont u guys give a try? :) Surprise ur loved ones with something diff.

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