Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Creepy 24th!

These mini size cupcakes were baked for Dead Eyes Glow vox - Zack.
Happy 24th b'day zack! Yarrr!

Since he's a vox from a metal band, I made death cupcakes to suit his passion.

Creepy Creatures - combination of baby blanket ghost on water (hantu air), the mummy & cute creepy joker icon with smudged lipstick from the batman.

The joker icon in batman's tee collection, we saw this one in the superheroes shop in Mines Wonderland, super cute isnt it? ;p

Closed up, additional charge for the mummy & baby blanket ghost as they required fondant. Do let me know this super earlier as the baby blanket ghosts need time to frost out.

You can definitely request the baby blanket ghost on grass, no problemo ;)

Bday boy - Zack & his love life - Ika. He likes the hantu air a lot! *glad* :D

Again, happy 24th zack! :D

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