Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cat Cake Meow

It was my little sister's bday few days ago. 
Ive no idea what to make, then I decided to make a cat cake since she loves cats a lot (the whole family does actually). But I just decided to make em in the morning of her bday.

Since I was running out of time, i just made em cincai (simple-fast-not that bad) <--- kinda hard to explain, aigoo..! Made it in just 5hours yo!

Devil's food cake with chocolate ganache - I dont support the fondant-covered-on-cake, it kills the taste 

The face, Im not happy with it actually, the colours are too bright, esp the mouthhh! But I was rushing and it was my first time to sculpt a cake, so *boleh la tu*

The butt and the tail

 Love the golden ribbon

Happy 14th Lini <3

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