Saturday, June 18, 2011

More more bread

Just sharing what Ive done lately, yes again I repeat, Im addicted on making em

This is roti paung (Terengganu's mini soft buttery buns), it looks like a small turtle to me haha

We Malays, actually enjoy it by dipping em in hot teh wangi (asian fregrant tea) to get that almost-soggy soft bite, esp in the rainy evening. Umm~

 This is the family's fav, sausage rolls with cheese and poppy seeds

 This is serunding daging berempah (malay's dried marinated minced meat/beef floss) bun with breadcrumbs. 
Oh nyummyyyy! I LOVE that spicy flavour

Sweet raisin bun

Chicken ham rolled with shallots and spiring onion with cheese and black sesame seeds on top

I took this pic around 7pm, mind the brightness 


  1. pandainya main masak masak! :)
    ee pandai lahh!

  2. Saya paling suka dengan bun serunding daging berempah. kalau leh buat bun serunding ayam dan bun serunding ikan pun best jugak.