Friday, August 12, 2011

Cut the rope

This was made for my sister's birthday.
She loves to play cut the rope ^^

The fondants :)

The alien frog, on nom nom :3

Yunie's 19th bday :)

Look at the evil spidey ^^

Remember how she loves rainbow? She gets a rainbow cake for this year's bday :)
It looks a bit dark tho, maybe because its the outer layer and also because of the crumbs

Cut the rope polka dots box theme :))

The spidey wants to be a 3D too eventho he's a 2D fondant -____-!

From my shadow you can see how hard Ive tried to snap the cake. Haha o_O!

Cupcakes/cakes always look good with candles in the dark :))

Birthday girl's happy face :)

Removing the candles 

Juon-ing the cake? Haha

Rainbow cake! It looks pretty in the inside! :3

Unbelievable, Cut the rope Official FB posted this post on their wall! :)

They also tweet out about it!

Also been posted by a sweet blogger :))

Thanks for your support! :)


  1. OMG! I absolutely love this cake! It's beautiful! Your sister is a very lucky girl!

  2. You're my hero for the day. Cut the rope cake with rainbow insides?! I want a piece so bad! :D

  3. I super loooove this cake! I reposted this on my blog and included your link. I hope you don't mind, or if you do, please tell me about it so I can make amends.

    I just love it to pieces that I can't help but share this with some other people. I did mention that I took your pictures though. ;)

  4. I am such a fan of Cut the rope and Om noms! I love the cake! and every bit of it too!!!

  5. I bet next birthday you`ll come with a doodle jump cake :)

  6. wow do you think you could re make it for my bday ?

  7. do you think you would be able to make one for my birthday i have look evrywhere and this one is the only one i really like