Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Strawberry Love

These were ordered for an anniversary ^^

Both of the designs are hand written Iloveyou. Tried to make happyanniversary but was too difficult :( 

Kok Yao & Nicole :)

And Nicole also ordered a vanilla strawberry cake for their anniversary :)

Coated the strawberries with white chocolate stripes :3

I used premium quality strawberries, it says that at the market

I dont lie, its super expensive o_O!

Vanilla cake with strawberries inside and out :) Topped em with double layers of chocolate ganache :D

Flat chocolate base for the wordings :))

What a shame, the juice of the strawberries came out after awhile. Need to place them exactly when the customer arrive, what a waste :(

*Note : Make your reservation and the collection date and time exact to avoid disappointment for cakes with fresh fruits*