Thursday, August 25, 2011


This was ordered by a good friend, wawa :)
She wanted something delicious and simple, I made devil's food cake with Italian swiss meringue, strawberries and chocolate ganache as fillings, and vanilla cake as bottom layer. Sounds promising, no?

And she suddenly wanted a design on top of it! Ahahaha wawa ni memang comel! Adui. Her bestie has an iPhone and a MacBook pro, since it was at a very last minute, I decide to make an iPhone.

Fat strawberries at the side! Again, I used premium quality strawberries, mahal gile ok o_O!

Last minute design, mind my drawing :/ I did this in just an hour asjbdkajdnakjdakwjdwkjdq haha!

The cake was super small! I wish I made a bigger one, susah gile nak lukis! I was trying so hard to fit in all the small details *faints* - and why in the world is my hand that dark in the picture? Zzz

Picture was taken by the bday girl :))

*Note : Make your reservation and the collection date and time exact to avoid disappointment for cakes with fresh fruits* 


  1. Babe cake ni size dia besar mana?

  2. Salam. Hey dear, cake ni 6 inch 1kg :)