Sunday, September 4, 2011

Strawberry Love Love

Did this baby for my boyfie's bday :3
It was like 3weeks++ ago, but I didnt have the time to upload em. Sorry :(

He loves nuts! A lot. Since hazelnut is quite friendly with cakes, I made Devil's Food Hazelnut cake! Nyummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Fresh/Raw hazelnuts

Into the Devil's Food's batter 

Swimming hazelnuts :3

Devil's food hazelnut cake!

Nyumm :3

Ive made chocolate coated strawberries as the topping :))

Meow meow :3

Later then, I spread some chocolate ganache on the bottom layer of cake and sprinkled some almond flakes on top of it :D *he's a true fan of nuts*

Spread some Italian Swiss Meringue on the upper layer and sandwich em :3

Ive made creampuffs with green custard fillings to accompany the cake :D * in-case the cake is not enough - which really is not enough zzz*

Gore creampuffs for metal boi! <3

Happy birthday Mat Rapik ehehe :p



My friend accidently crash the cake hehe

Happy 25th birthday darling <3

*Note : Make your reservation and the collection date and time exact to avoid disappointment for cakes with fresh fruits* 

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